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Colour Guard
10 October 2008

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Lets Bounce
15 July 2008

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The Thin Red Line
8 July 2008

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Go West Young Man
13 May 2008

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Home Building I
14 April 2008

Recent Comments

alyriza on Church of the Sky
very nice

MAU on Kluane
Beautiful scene!

Bill on In the Shadow of Giants
Thanks Ana

Ana Lúcia on In the Shadow of Giants
Congratulations on the Color Spotlight.

Ehsan Hemmati on In the Shadow of Giants
Great photo indeed. Congratulations!

Darkelf Photography on Church of the Sky
Gotta love Icelandic churches! I have not done them justice in my photographs but you certainly have here. Excellent ...

omid on In the Shadow of Giants
very nice shot! Lovely view. ... & Congratulations! :)

Harry on In the Shadow of Giants
super shot

Darkelf Photography on In the Shadow of Giants
Fantastic rural photo. I love the mountains in the background - they are stunning.

L'Angevine on Waiting
agréable et superbe cet horizon

AMIR BABA on Waiting

Harry on Waiting
Excellent winter scene.

DarkElf on Waiting
great mod and wonderful composition!

Baldwin Vandewalle on Waiting
Splendid image with a wonderful misty mood ... the tones and the reflection are fabulous !!!

Robert D. Burr on Waiting
This picture has a nice feeling of calm

Tataze on Waiting
un retour en hiver.... brrrr j'aime mieux le printemps quand même

L'Angevine on Subtle Signs
intéressant ces reflets

omid on Subtle Signs
wooow! very nice shot with beautiful composition, lighting, atmosphere & reflections! Lovely!

Robert D. Burr on Subtle Signs

olivier P on Subtle Signs
Beautiful place, nice catch ! well done !!!

beach on Subtle Signs

L'Angevine on Winter Holds On
intéressant effet

Magenta on Blue
Beautiful shot! Love the great North

MagentaStudios on Blue
Wow this is wicked! Those sun beaaaaamz haha

franz on Blue
this is WINTER !!! i love the vivid winter colours and the patterns of ice and snow ...

franz on Frozen Lane
it looks so peaceful and quiet ... how appearances can deceive !!!

Céline on Soft
Lovely shot!

franz on Canopy in the Forest
stunning pov and dof that make the mushroom appear like a giant !!!

franz on Old Time March
i'm all the way with curly !!!

franz on Tenacious Hold
striking compo and dof !!!

franz on The Drumbeat of War
puzzling at first sight, most intriguing and satisfying after a closer - and longer - look !!!

franz on Soft
beautiful use of light and backlight, perfect frame !

Curly on The Drumbeat of War
I like the close in detail here, sometimes it is better to fill the frame this way to tell your story.

omid on Tenacious Hold
very nice & amazing! so beautiful focus, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

Curly on Old Time March
Super use of aperture and focus Bill.

franz on Debut Moment
oh how cute! i hope he made it safely back up into the air ... (unlike my great tit chick, i'm afraid ...)

franz on Bursting Out
wonderful light and hues, interesting and very effective dof, and a very clever frame !!!

Olivier P on Bursting Out
Beautiful light, nice catch ! well done !

omid on Bursting Out
wooooow! very nice!!! so beautiful frame, focus, colors, lights, reflections & bokeh!!!! L O V E L Y !!!!!

Bill Ault on Winter Shadows
thanks wasn't sure about graphisms but now that I think I see what you mean by that now.

DarkElf on Forest Edge
lovely light, tones and great detail!

franz on Forest Edge
enchanting scene and mood ...

Curly on Forest Edge
Delightful shot Bill, great light and colours.

Bill Ault on Nature's Tears
thanks destani

destani on Nature's Tears
Great shot ! wonderful capture! 5*****

Helys on Winter Shadows
So beautiful Great sunrise ligthing and shadows, graphisms, colors, PoV

Basile Pesso on Winter Shadows
Excellently framed, composed and soft.

franz on Chilled
the poor devil looks quite forlorn indeed ... very endearing capture, bill !

destani on Hooded Merganser
Great capture ! very nice ! 5*****

omid on Hooded Merganser
very nice! Beautiful colors & lights!

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